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Here you can explore some of the activities awaiting you at Mayflower Bocawina National Park.


Vast diversity of flora and fauna can be seen along the park’s several miles of hiking trails. Three different trails radiate from the Plaza area. A map board in the parking area marks the trails, all meandering under the dense jungle canopy to enchanting waterfalls.

The Park includes areas of Belize’s first protected area, the Silk Grass Forest Reserve. Of the many creeks flowing through the Park, the easiest to visit is the Silk Grass Creek. The flowing water attracts birds, amphibians, reptiles, flying insects and many mammals. Patient visitors can see a variety of species during a quiet break along the water’s edge. A short walk across the stream leads to the Maintzunun Mayan Temple ruin and further on to the Antelope Trail. The area is also perfect for birdwatching.


The Park has several waterfalls known as the Three Sisters Waterfalls. On the hike up Bocawina Hill Trail, visitors will discover the lower and upper Bocawina Falls. A hike to the upper falls can be rewarded with a cool pool at the base 50-foot waterfall.

For the more adventurous traveler, a rigorous hike to Antelope Falls reveals a 100-foot waterfall with an incredible view from the bluff all the way to the sea. It’s best to bring along a guide, sturdy shoes, long pants and shirt, bathing suit, towel, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat and binoculars.


Belize’s tropical location and wide range of pristine habitats attract a remarkable number of birds. Over 200 different species of Birds have been registered right inside the park including toucans, trogons, oreoles, woodpeckers, owls, tanagers, kiskadees, hummingbirds, curassows, and kingfishers.