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With over  7000 acres

of preserved low and highlands, the Mayflower Bocawina National Park is one of the best choices for leisure or adventurous explorations


The National Park...


MBNP was established in the 2001, initially with a focus on the Mayflower Archaeological Site.  Its purpose was expanded to encompass its natural resources including its ecosystem, biodiversity, flora and fauna and its scenic physical attributes. 


What can be seen...


The national park offers excellent wildlife observation and birding opportunities. With such the faunal diversity is high and it can be characterized by the diverse fauna that inhabit the national park.


Things to do...


Along with birdwatching and camping for those wishing to visit overnight, MBNP has four hiking trails and several waterfalls known as the Three Sisters Waterfalls.



The national park offers excellent wildlife observation and birding opportunities as the faunal diversity is high. The MBNP forms part of the Maya Mountain Massif –an area of crucial importance to wildlife conservation, supporting the largest population of jaguars within Belize



A Rapid Environmental Assessment was conducted within the MBNP and a total of 228 plant species were identified. However, this number is not exhaustive as many more plants, especially herbs remain to be recorded. But at least, some of the more dominant tree species can be expected to have been identified



Watersheds play an important role in the formation of biological corridors, survival of endangered species, and help determine the health of the barrier reef. Within the MBNP there are tributaries that form part of the Freshwater Creek, North Stann Creek, and Sittee River.



There is evidence of illegal logging taking place in the park. Therefore, the park rangers are the frontline in terms of surveillance and security and as such their primary duty is to maintain a presence at the park and conduct patrols to detect possible encroachment, deforestation, illegal agriculture, logging, and to monitor fires.



MBEDG engages the community in economic activities when possible and provides workshops and training exercises for residents to support capacity building. The park also provides employment to community members as Park Rangers and Park Manager.



This goal is pursued through activities such as reducing the direct pressures on biodiversity by promoting sustainable use of the buffer area, enhance the benefits to all from biodiversity and ecosystem services, safeguarding the ecosystems, species, and genetic diversity.

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